Signature Experience
Set Menu

70 PP (min 2)

Betel Leaf with Prawn, Scallops & Caviar
Betel leaf topped with Australian king prawn, Japanese
Hokkaido scallop, black caviar, peanut, coriander,
finger lime and herbal palm sugar
Hokkaido Seared Chilli Scallops

Seared Japanese scallop with crispy salmon skin,
black caviar and watermelon dressed with chilli, lime,

garlic and coriander sauce

Cured Atlantic Salmon & Scallop

Beetroot cured wild Atlantic salmon, Hokkaido scallop,
black caviar with green chilli lime oil & red chilli lime



BBQ King Prawns
Grilled butterflied king prawns with a side of
chilli lime dipping sauce
Crispy Pork Belly & Chinese Broccoli

In house made pork belly with Chinese
broccoli and garlic stir fried with soy, oyster

and fish sauce

Massaman Sous Vide Lamb Curry

Sous vide lamb cutlets In Soi 25 home-made
Massaman curry served with mashed and sweet



Soi 25 Mango Sticky Rice

Handcrafted mango shaped rose with black & white
sticky rice, mango sorbet, edible flower jelly. Topped

with coconut milk

Jasmine rice to share

Street Food Classic Experience
Set Menu

55 PP (min 2)

Chicken Satay Skewer
Grilled marinated chicken thigh skewer with a side of
homemade cucumber and peanut sauce
Vegetarian Spring Roll

Deep-fried savoury roll filled with shiitake mushroom,
yam bean, carrot and cabbage with a side of sweet

chilli and plum sauce


Pad Thai Prawns

Thin rice noodles stir fried with tofu, pork cracker,
eschalot, sweet radish, egg, home-made dried shrimp
and bean sprouts In Soi 25 home-made tamarind


Red Curry Chicken

Home-made red curry with shredded bamboo, Thai
eggplant, pea eggplant, basil and winter melon

BBQ Squid

Grilled marinated whole squid, vegetables and chilli
lime sauce with a side of chilli lime dipping sauce


Pandan Custard & Dipping Bread

Home-made pandan custard with
toasted bread

Jasmine rice to share